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New Patients

The Performance Chiropractic concept is built around 3 – progressive phases, which together provide all the tools necessary for a quick recovery.

About The Team

The Performance Chiropractic Team has an extensive athlete base with their specialized approach to the biomechanics of sport.  

About Us

Performance Chiropractic + Sport Rehab is an innovative facility to treat and rehabilitate 

  • “I have had several injuries playing hockey and Performance Chiropractic has helped me get back on the ice and keeps me at the top of my game.”
    Brayden Nichollets, Spruce Grove AAA Bantam


  • “The Active Release Therapy that I receive from Dr. Todd has allowed me to stay in peak physical shape, so I can train at an elite level. Performance Chiropractic is a leader in sports rehab, and knows how to take care of athletes so they can perform at their best.”
    David Pelletier, Olympic Gold Medalist


  • “Rhythmic gymnastics is very hard on the body and Dr. Todd helps me avoid injury and if injury occurs gets me back in the gym quickly.”
    Hannah Parry, Team Canada Rhythmic Gymnastics


  • “The team at Performance Chiropractic has helped me recover from injury, stay healthy and further improve my throwing. The introduction of the Active Release Technique has allowed for further improvement in my training and performance.
    Curtis Moss, Canadian Olympic Javelin Thrower




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